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Top 10 Hotels in Mahdia, Tunisia

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It might have just 80,000 inhabitants, but Mahdia has become popular with tourists who like to take advantage of its quiet, coastal surroundings.Both locals and foreigners are keen to benefit from the fishing city and...

Top 5 Most Popular Hotels in Djerba Island

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Being the largest island of North Africa, it's no surprise to see that Djerba Island has become something of a tourist hot-spot over the years. It has become much more accessible and with the region boasting such a pr...

Top 5 Most Popular Hotels in Monastir

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With Monastir based just 20km from Sousse, it should come as no surprise to hear that it has also become a popular destination for holidaymakers over the years.A lot of the big travel brands have formed a base in Mona...

Top 5 Most Popular Hotels in Tabarka

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On first glance Tabarka might just seem like your standard coastal town, but the fact that it contains its own castle amongst a whole host of other attractions makes it a keen favourite for a lot of tourists visiting ...

Top 5 Most Popular Hotels in Tozeur

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It might not be as renowned as some areas of Tunisia, but Tozeur certainly has a charm that is still able to attract countless tourists on an annual basis.Being surrounded by palm trees, it's something of an oasis, bu...

Top 5 Most Popular Hotels in Nabeul

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It would be fair to say that Nabeul doesn't boast the same reputation as some of Tunisia's other resorts, but it still proves popular with tourists due to its picturesque coastal nature. Additionally, it boasts a thri...

Top 5 Most Popular Hotels in Tunis

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It's the capital of Tunisia and the city that most of us are familiar with when the travel agents start mulling over our options in the country. It means that Tunis has become hugely popular with tourists, with many i...

Top 5 Most Popular Hotels in Bizerte

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Being the oldest and most European city of Tunisia, Bizerte unsurprisingly receives hordes of visitors from intrigued tourists on an annual basis.Boasting some interesting attractions of its own, including the Spanish...

Top 5 Most Popular Hotels in Sousse

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Located a reasonable distance from the capital Tunis, and in the heart of the Tunisian tourism industry, it's no surprise to see that demand for accommodation in Sousse is always hot from holidaymakers.Like anywhere, ...

Top 3 Luxury Boutique Hotels in Hammamet

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Hammamet is one of the best touristic towns in Tunisia,  here are the top 3 boutique hotels in hammamet that we had the opportunity to review.Pictures are courtesy of TripAdvisor.Click Here To Compare Prices & Che...

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